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Shade and wet weather protection

Oztech Retractable Roof System


These retractable roof structures are custom fabricated to fit your space, 100% waterproof and wind rated to 150 kph. An Oztech roof system allows you to control your covered area by remotely moving the canopy to your desired coverage. for a fully enclosed space add our PVC clear or mesh screen for extra privacy and weather protection.

Canopies & Shade Sails


Canopies – Our range of waterproof canopies come either rectangular or triangular in various sizes, these are an economic solution for small space waterproof cover. These come installed and attached either to you building and out to poles or any solid structure.


Shade Sails – Suitable for either commercial or residential applications our Shade Sails are custom made commercial grade cloth 98% UV resistance, available in a range of colours. These come installed, either attached to an existing striation of galvanised steel poles, our system allows easy dismantle for  maintenance and storage.

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